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Doggie!!! I did it!!! I gentle!!!

Honest confession… I am uneasy around afraid of dogs. It’s always been this way, even as a young child. My mother used to tell me stories that when we went to visit my grandparents, my grandmother had to put the dog away, much to the dismay of my cousins who loved that dog. I also have memories of being chased by a dog at summer camp, freaked out, while all the counselors stood around laughing at me. Before I had my son, I was a somewhat avid runner and when training for a half marathon some lady had her dog off a leash and the same thing happened to me as an adult, minus the laughing.

My wife grew up around dogs. When we were first dating, she had one in Boston that I slowly was able to tolerate. Currently, tolerate describes how I can be around most dogs. I still don’t think I’m the type who will ever own one. That being said I don’t want my son to be afraid of them.

Yesterday we were at a barbecue and there were three dogs. Without getting too close, from what I can tell they ranged in how up front they were with you, with the two more up front ones needing to be put in the bedroom. The one that was left was an old shaggy white dog that wasn’t too imposing. Even I could deal with it. For the first few times he came around my son, he freaked out and ran to either me or my wife, wanting us to pick him up immediately. As time went on, my son became cautiously curious…going near it but then running away when the dog made a move. As even more time went on, he became a little more able to be around the dog and my wife started to check in with him about petting the dog. This is when I came in…if dada could pet the dog, maybe my son would. My wife sat down with my son near the dog (who was lying still) and I went over to pet it. Then it was my son’s turn. He started to pat a little too roughly so we had to remind him to use his gentle hands. He then pet the dog gently and was very proud of himself.

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