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Funny stuff I can’t laugh at

We are a month away from my son being two, and we have already started to see some of that “terrible two’s” behavior. Only thing is, instead of finding it terrible, some of it I find hilarious instead. The problem with laughing is that I don’t want to reinforce these behaviors, and laughter does that. But sometimes I just can’t help it.

Usually, he does a good job following what we want him to do, but sometimes when we ask him to do something he doesn’t want to, he tries to avoid it by running around the whole house. I can see why some parents would find this annoying, especially if there is a time constraint involved, but to me it’s just really funny.

Same with the “no”s. One day I was trying to redirect him from something and was giving him other choices of things to do instead. After every suggestion was a “no”. . So I then tried to outsmart him and said “so are you just going to sit around and say no all day?”. Little dude thought for a minute and said an emphatic “Yes” with the head-nod to go with it. I had just been outsmarted and talked back to by my 23 month old, and all I could do was try to suppress laughter.

One thing we’ve really had to get a handle on is him throwing his toys around. We’ve narrowed it down to only balls being allowed to be thrown in the house. Yet the other day when he went into the tub of mega blocks and started to throw them everywhere, I couldn’t help but (try my hardest not to) laugh.

Then there was the time the other night when he shoved more than half a piece of bread in his mouth all at once. As crust pieces broke off, he showed great determination to grab them before they fell and include them in the mouthful. Unlike my WTHDHGTF? post, I think I can safely attribute this to me, as I’m not one to take bird bites at the dinner table either. He had so much food in his mouth that he couldn’t even completely close his lips…to some that might be gross but to me it was hilarious.

Like I said, laughter reinforces the behavior.  I try to do the “fake like you’re coughing” thing, but I’m pretty sure my son sees right through it.  That being said, I’ll take this over getting overly upset and annoyed anyday.

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  1. September 11, 2012 at 10:35 pm

    I have a twin sister and my parents (especially my mom) raised us to have a sense of humor. Starting young if we did something wrong she would say “That wasn’t right what you did. It was funny, but still not right.” It kind of enforced what we did wrong and acknowledged and encouraged a sense of humor.

    • September 11, 2012 at 11:10 pm

      I like that approach because it’s completely honest.

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