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2nd childhood

I have a career where I do a lot of work with kids, so in a way I haven’t really let go of childhood completely since I am constantly around it. However, having a son has fully started a second childhood. It’s just with an adult flair, and the experience is less about my own and more about vicariously experiencing things via my son.

My son is almost two and therefore is discovering his love for things that go. I wrote a previous post about his love for busses, which are still #1 with him. But firetrucks are slowly making their way up into the top 3, and along with the firetrucks come firefighters.

We have taken my son to see firetrucks up close before, but last Sunday was a great experience. We were at the local supermarket, as we typically are on Sunday morning, and so was a crew of firefighters from the local fire station. We parked near the firetruck and my wife went in to start shopping while I took my son to see the firetruck up close. One guy from the crew stayed back with the truck, and when he saw us coming he got out from where he was sitting and let my son sit in the passenger side seat. Then, all of a sudden, the computer monitor flashed an alert and the firefighter’s walkie talkie started to broadcast some message in fireman code. He told us that the three guys in the store would be coming out soon and they would have to go respond to something. I took little man off the seat so he could get back in, and carried him a few steps back; far enough away that we wouldn’t be in the way of them but still close enough to see what would happen. Sure enough, three other firefighters came rushing out of the store toward the engine. They saw us standing there and figured out that we were obviously watching them, so on their way to the engine one of them held his hand up to give my son a high five. Guess who else got a high five from the fireman. Now, my official reason for putting my own hand up and getting a high five from the fireman was so that if I did it then my son would know what to do and follow suit, as he did. But my son knows about high fives so that wasn’t necessary, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t also caught up in the moment…second childhood indeed…

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  1. October 9, 2012 at 2:11 pm

    Getting to see things again through a kid’s eyes is definately my favorite part of being a dad!

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