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My son’s second birthday is tomorrow. Two years into parenthood, which I now can’t think of life without. This was also the year when, at some point, I stopped having a baby and began to have a little boy.

We had his birthday party on Saturday. I feel like the first year birthday party is really more for the parents than it is the kid, a celebration of the fact we survived our first year as parents with health and sanity intact. In addition to family, we invited our adult friends – our people. We spent the bulk of the money on a specialty cake shaped like a turtle (our nickname for him) and matching “smash cake”. Other than the photo-op of him smashing the cake, the day wasn’t much different than any other gathering we might have had in the past.

Now, for age two, lots has changed. Whether or not my son understood the concept of what a birthday is or not I don’t know, but he definitely understood that Saturday was his special day. Because we have a budding music lover, we hired someone from “Music Together” to do an interactive music/play activity for him and his friends. Unlike last year when we invited our friends (regardless if they have kids or not), this year we invited my son’s friends – his toddler class at school as well as all the kids from my wife’s working moms meetup group. We know the meetup families pretty well and had some family and closer friends of ours come as well…but we didn’t know most of the school families at all. It was kind of weird to have the parents we didn’t know there, but my son thought it was the coolest thing in the world that his school friends were at his house. The music activity was incredible. I’m pretty sure there were some kids and parents who didn’t like it as much, but my son loved the entire thing from beginning to end. He also got a special treat in that she played “The Wheels on the Bus” without even knowing that’s his favorite song ever. She also had a great way of having everyone sing happy birthday to him.

After the music session and food, the unfamiliar families left and some family and closer friends stayed for phase two, somewhat of an afterparty. My friend B came through with some fresh brats and seasonal brews. My son and some of the other kids played with some of his new toys with some excellent supervision by the older kids, who even volunteered to do bedtime and did it successfully.. We put on the grill, broke out some beverages, and put on some college football…a great night to end an incredible day.

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