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I’m pretty sure today was the most exciting day of my son’s life.  We just had his second birthday party a few weekends ago, which I know he enjoyed thoroughly.  We’ve had special visits from grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc.  We’ve been on airplanes, to baseball games, basketball games, playgrounds, swimming pools, and other assorted festivals with music and activities.  But today took the cake.

The “Touch A Truck” event is exactly what it sounds like.  In a section of an under-populated mall’s parking lot they brought in every type of moving vehicle imaginable – fire engines, buses, a crane, a cement mixer, mail trucks, stretch hummer limos, old fashioned cars, motorcycles, luxury motor-coaches, etc.  Even a garbage truck made it onto the scene.  Every truck was open to be sat in, climbed on, horn blown, etc.  Real live uniformed personnel accompanied each vehicle – firefighters, policemen, EMTs, truckers,  bus drivers, etc.  Better yet, the admission money all went to a worthy charity.

This morning we told him we’d be going to see some trucks and buses, but I’m pretty sure he had no idea what to expect until he saw it for himself.  When we parked and got out of the car, his eyes got wide and his entire face and body began to rev up with excitement.  I had to try and contain this as much as I could until we got through the line to pay.  Once we did that I put him down and let him enjoy his wonderland.  He chose to see the buses first, which won’t be a surprise to anyone who has read this, and then he moved on to the firetrucks and other assorted vehicles.

The ONLY thing stopping this from being pure perfection from his standpoint was that, because all of the vehicle cabins were accessible to all the kids, horns and sirens were going off on a regular basis, and my son isn’t great with loud noises.  He overcame this and had a good time, but as the end of our hour and fifteen minute visit to Touch a Truck was coming to an end, he was getting more tired and I could tell the noises were bothering him more than they had been in the beginning.

One thing I was concerned about was our exit plan, but my son got so drained that he willingly left when he was done.  Even he knew his limits and an hour and fifteen minutes of pure intense joy was enough for him today.

Apparently these types of events are gaining in popularity, as I know of another one in town tomorrow.  If you have a little one, you should definitely check into your town’s activity calendar to see if one will be near you soon.

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