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Today in pictures…family outing…

Today was a day my wife has been hyping up to me for a long time…our trip to the Gaylord Texan Hotel to see the Ice! exhibit featuring the Madagascar movie characters.  The hotel also had lots of other holiday decorations, some of which weren’t done yet.  We’ll be back to see them when they’re done, but onto today…

We all packed into the car…me, my mother in law, my wife, my son, and also Bur Bur, Wally the Green Monster, and Elmo.  I’m not sure why Elmo has such a distressed look on his face.  Sadly for these three, we were so excited to arrive and get inside that my son forgot to take them with us, so they held down the car while we went in.  I’m sure any potential thieves were thwarted.


Only in Texas to they have their own special carpeting.


After a little wait for the exhibit to open, we lined up and went inside.  Because these are solid ice sculptures, they temperature inside the exhibit is 9 degrees F.  They had parkas they handed out to everyone to wear inside.  Being in that cold made me feel like being in the Northeast again.  Here are a few pics of some of what we saw…

Not bad for some blocks of ice.  They also had an ice slide, but my son wasn’t having it.

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