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I’m Big!

At two years and almost two months old, my son thinks he’s big. He thinks he can drive a car. Whenever we see another young child, according to my son the other kid is a baby, but he isn’t…even if they’re within a only few months of each other. And of course, he wants to do pretty much everything himself, because you know, he’s big. He says so all the time. “I’m big!”

I think this is a good thing. I’m pretty sure we hit the terrible two phase and the accompanying tantrums early, around 16 or 18 months or so. He still has some tantrums but they’re fewer and far between now. When he does have them, it’s usually when he wants to do something himself and either can’t because we won’t let him, or because he’s tried and gotten himself frustrated.

As for me, I continue to be amazed by how big he’s getting, but then he will do something like play with my shoes, and then I realize how comparatively small he still is.


P.S. those shoes were neatly aligned against the wall in pairs at one point.

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