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Nice try, dude…

At just over two years old, my son is starting to get creative in his efforts to get over on adults.  Of course, none of it works, but it’s funny to see how his little mind works.

Example #1 – at his school, they do a food tasting session at the end of the day.  Every 10 weeks or so, we go shopping to buy the foods they eat.  We’re supposed to buy fruits and vegetables, but sometimes they have special tastings.  Last week they had some white chocolate.  We’ve never given him candy before, and apparently it was a hit.  He ate the first piece and loved it so much that he then tried to ransack the plate for more.  His teachers set the limit that he could have one more piece, which he did.  He then proceeded to cover his eyes and try to grab more pieces.  I guess all the games of peek-a-boo and “where’s baby” have him thinking that when he covers his eyes he becomes invisible.  That won’t be lasting too much longer I bet.

Example #2 – We put some Christmas lights on the bannister of the staircase.  As many times as we’ve instructed him not to touch the lights, and that only grown ups can touch them, of course he still tries to.  Earlier today we caught him playing with them and called him out on it.  He replied that it was Elmo who did it, and then tried to justify that this was okay because “Elmo’s a grown up”. Now, in his defense, his Elmo is the rock and roll Elmo that can sing, dance, and play the drums, so maybe it wasn’t such a far stretch to try and lead someone to believe that Elmo could also mess with the Christmas lights.


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  1. December 27, 2012 at 12:56 am

    In our house, Elmo messes with whatever he wants. Otherwise, there’s trouble. Funny post.

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