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One to one time with my son.

There’s a reason I don’t run this blog like a professional one…As you can see I took almost a month off from writing.  I’ve been working on a guest post for another blog, but that’s going equally as slow.  I don’t want to do anything that seems forced, and some changes in the hours my wife has been working has given us a few times where it was just me and RJ for a night or a weekend day.  That means less blogging, but also some more intense fatherhood time.

I truly cherish the times in which my wife and I can be free of everything else and just be parents to our son.  We have gone on some great outings, and even some of the “home” time in which we are doing everyday things like eating dinner together or playing on the floor with him are special.  Equally special in a different way are those times when my wife has had to be somewhere else and it’s just me and my boy.  Today was one of those mornings, my wife had to work, so I planned to take RJ to the new museum we have here.  We’ve been once before, and are members, so we get the perk of having access on Saturday mornings before the general public can get in.  I won’t give play by play of everything we did, but it was just a really special time.  My son was just great all around, even (especially) at times when he was doing something he probably wanted to keep doing, but I made him stop because there were other kids waiting.

The museum is a considerable drive from where we live, and on the rides there and back, two competing thoughts were going through the back of my mind.  On the way there, I was thinking about how I was going into this outing without help, and things like making sure I kept an eye on my son at all times.  I thought a lot about how this one morning for me is standard everyday life for single parents like fellow blogger Chad.  On the way back I was thinking how great the morning was, and felt sad for kids and dads who don’t get the chance to be together on a regular basis and miss out on mornings like this.




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