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Jackie Robinson and my son…

April 2, 2013 1 comment

In my family’s tradition, we only name children after those who have already passed away. It’s considered the ultimate of honors, usually reserved for family members. When I told her about it, my wife embraced this tradition.  When we found out we were expecting, we began thinking of men and women to name the baby after.  Before we even knew the gender we had first and middle names decided on in the case of both a boy or a girl. We ended up with a boy.  Our son’s first name is after my maternal grandfather.  Perhaps someday I’ll write more about that, but not today.

Our son’s middle name is after Jackie Robinson. I am by no means an expert on his life, and my task here is not to educate. If you want that, start here , and for a more rigorous education, read this. This post is more about showing appreciation.  I had this post partly written and was waiting for the right time to finish and publish it.  I figured that opening week of the MLB season, and the week before the movie “42” comes out was as good as any.

My marriage is an interracial one, and we didn’t even get past our first date without a disgusted look from someone in the restaurant. Now that we have a child, it adds another twist. I know the demographic of biracial children is a growing one, but I also believe that we are far from the post-racial society that Jackie and others were committed to helping achieve. I hope that as my son grows up and learns about Jackie’s ways of handling adversity, he will be able to handle whatever adversity may come his way with some of the same grace that Jackie had, and that we could all use some more of.

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