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Road Tripping with a 2 year old…

We recently our first real road trip since having my son.  He’s been on airplane trips before, usually to stay with relatives, so this was our first trip that included a long drive and hotel since my son became fully mobile and capable of wreaking havoc.  Here are a few random thoughts on road tripping with a two and a half year old:

EVERYTHING takes longer.  We planned to try to do the trip with only one stop, and successfully did that, but the stop each way for gas/lunch/bathroom took a lot longer than it would have otherwise.  Everything from packing the car to start the trip to persuading him to get back into the car when it was time to get back in after our lunch stop (he decided to do some extended “stretching”) took way longer than it would have without him there.  Pound for pound, we probably took twice as much stuff as we would have before him.

Naps in the car?  Not so much.  We hoped/assumed that after the lunch stops, he would take a nap, since that’s the normal time he naps at school.  On the way down, there was no nap to be had at all, and on the way back, he didn’t fall asleep until there was only about a half hour left, which is almost worse than not napping at all.  It’s probably our own fault though, because we bought a used DVD player that straps to the back of the headrests and brought some new DVDs he hadn’t seen before, so of course a nap is no match for that situation.

Hotels and little kids aren’t a great mix.  First, there was the little fountain in the lobby with the coins people had thrown into.  Most little kids I know love water and my son wanted to go swimming in there.   In the hotel room itself, nothing was childproof and lots of things were within reach.  We had to unplug the phone, because there was no other way for us to prevent my son from unintentionally calling someone while he was using it as a toy and pretending to call Jacinda.  He then found the little kitchenette area (we had a suite) and the fridge/microwave, which were both in a low cabinet…a cabinet that doesn’t have a door handle anymore thanks to him.  As much as we tried to avoid it, he managed to turn the microwave on once, only to completely freak himself out in the process.   Then there was trying to sleep itself.  I’ve been on the other side of this, so I can’t really complain, but there were some late-night hanger-outers in the rooms on either side of us, and we heard them all night.  Hotel walls and doors aren’t soundproof AT ALL.  Combined with the new environment, this made doing bedtime harder than usual, and my son went to bed late both nights.  This didn’t stop him from still waking up at 6am and being his two year old self, which included running around the room singing and yelling, and playing loudly with his toys.  I considered this payback for those people in the rooms next to us who were too loud the night before, as I’m very sure he was loud enough to have woken them up much earlier than they wanted to be.

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