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The Classics…

Tonight was a special night in our house, where my son got exposed to two classics from my childhood.  Now that he’s a little older and has enough of an attention span to sit through a movie, my wife and I have been thinking of different movies for him to see.  We’ve done “Planes,” “Cars,” Toy Story,” and most recently tried “Finding Nemo” (which turned out to be a big mistake, that’s the scariest animated kids movie ever).  When my wife noticed that the classic animated Disney version of Robin Hood was on TV last week, she set the DVR to record, so that we could watch it with him whenever we wanted.  With the culmination of me being able to unexpectedly come home earlier than my typical Wednesday evening work schedule and a relatively simple plan for dinner that could be eaten in the living room, tonight became the night.  Overall, I think he liked it.  It took us needing to explain some context to him, for example why when Robin Hood and Little John were taking the gold away it was for good, but when the Sheriff took the gold from the people, it was for the greed of Prince John.  I’m not sure how much he understood, however as with the other movies, I’m sure we will watch it again and again and eventually he will learn the whole story.

After the movie was over, I decided to lighten up the mood and have a few moments of silliness before bath/bed time.  Since my son was an infant, I’ve done a thing with him where I’ve had him stand up while I hold his hands and use my hands to dance him as I sing “The Hockey Song” by Stompin Tom Connors, ala the Bruins mascot in this commercial.  As he’s gotten older, it’s become less of a thing, but tonight I tried it for the first time in a while.  RJ is currently on a basketball kick.  We’ve done two sessions of a basketball clinic for toddlers at the local rec center, and after seeing how much he loved that, I took him to five of the local high school’s basketball games.  So when he asked for a basketball song rather than the hockey song, I figured it was the perfect time to pull out the phone and bring up the classic Basketball song by Kurtis Blow on youtube., and the result was two words:  Instant. Classic.

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