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WTHDHGTF? #1 – trash talking my wife’s car.

August 21, 2012 1 comment

Sometimes when my son does something out of nowhere, I know where he got the idea it from…it’s either something he got from me, my wife, my mother in law, from school, or from a song/tv show.  For example, during the rehearsal for my brother’s wedding, he and the other toddlers were practicing walking down the aisle holding hands.  They had gotten almost the whole way, and then he suddenly shouted “all fall down” and sat down on his bottom, ala “Ring Around the Rosie.”

Other times, I have no idea. Thus the acronym title of the post, which stands for “Where the hell did he get that from?” I’m calling this #1 because I’m sure there will be multiple posts like this as time goes on.  But for now we are at 22 months. Yesterday we were leaving to go to his school. In continuation of his fascination with things that go, he has begun to differentiate between the two cars we have and wanted to know which car we were going to take. As we walked into the garage and he asked “mama’s car?” I told him no, we were going to take “dada’s car.”   He then proceeded to walk up to my wife’s car, leaned in toward it like he was getting in it’s personal space, and said “no mama’s car!…no mama’s car!” – all while doing the Dikembe Mutombo finger wag at the passenger side door. I get the idea that he thinks of vehicles as having personas and therefore may try to talk to the car. He even said “bye dada’s car” after we had parked at the school and left it as we began to walk inside. This is the same kid who watches Thomas and friends.  But I have nooooo idea where he got the finger wag from, nor the idea to trash talk my wife’s car because we took mine instead.

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